Bridgend College

Mission Statement and Values

Bridgend College Mission Statement:

The outstanding College committed to your success

Bridgend College Values:

We believe that people - students, staff, managers - will be committed if they believe what we do is "worthwhile".

A values statement articulates our core values and also what is "worthwhile". Our College Values are:

The College.........

1. is a single community of learning with one set of shared values and aims that promotes and supports learning for all people in that community (‘One College Team')

2. places the interests of the student at the centre of all College activities (‘Student Centredness')

3. strives for excellence in everything that we do and challenges performance and behaviour against agreed standards (‘Excellence')

4. requires mutual respect and integrity in all staff and student relationships (‘Respect and integrity')

5. seeks to maximise the potential of all individuals and to recognise and celebrate their success (‘Celebrate success')

6. embraces an open culture where everyone has an equal responsibility for making these values reality (‘Open Culture')

"Our values drive our behaviour"

College Details

Bridgend College
Cowbridge Road
CF31 3DF

Phase: Colleges (FE/HE)
No. of Pupils: 0