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Becoming a further education teacher

Becoming a Further education teacher

Teaching in further education is a great career! It offers a stable job in a stimulating environment, plus the chance to make a real difference to a wide range of students - aged from 14-90!

What is Further education

What is further education?

The further education (FE) and skills sector is huge and educates over three million students each year.

Why teach in Futher education?

Why teach in further education?

Teaching in FE is a rewarding experience, where no two days are the same. There are challenges – but there’s also all the support you need to deal with them. FE teachers have a high level of job satisfaction and tend to work in the sector for much of their career.

Training and qualifications

What training and qualifications do you need?

Whether you’re a plumber, health professional or chef, your professional experience and trade qualifications are highly valued by your students. Gaining teaching qualifications will help your FE career, but the type of training you’ll need varies, depending on what you hope to teach.