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Using Talent Pools to Revolutionise Your Job Search

Talent Pool, for the Pro-active Jobseeker

What are Talent Pools?

Get ready to update your profile with the launch of FEjobs’s College and Regional Talent Pools. This brand new facility is going to make finding teaching jobs on FEjobs even easier as you can now access colleges all year round regardless of whether they’re recruiting or not.

You can search for colleges and regions you have an interest in working for and can join any Talent Pools which appeal to you. This enables colleges within those areas to contact suitable teachers when they have a vacancy arise. Simply ensure that your CV is up to date, join the Talent Pools of your choice and that’s it.

Why should you join Talent Pools?

We have worked hard to ensure that Talent Pools can become an effective way for teachers and support staff to find teaching jobs on FEjobs. Listed below are just some of the benefits of joining College and Regional Talent Pools.

  • You can become more proactive when it comes to job hunting because you can join CollegeTalent Pools regardless of whether they’re currently recruiting or not. This means that you’re one step ahead because your chosen colleges are going to have your CV to hand as soon as a vacancy arises.
  • Showing an interest in a particular colleges or region is going to make you more appealing to any employer because they know that you are keen to work for them.
  • Joining Talent Pools gives you greater exposure to the colleges you want to work for. Even if they’re not recruiting at the moment, chances are that they’re keeping an eye on new candidates so when a vacancy does arise, they may remember your CV which increases your chances of getting an interview.

Why sign up to FE Jobs?

When you register on you will receive your very own Career Portal. This enables you to manage your account in an easy and straightforward manner, simplifying your job search.

It’s free to sign up to FE Jobs and you will gain access to many features on the site which will help you to find your next lecturer teaching job. You can:

  • Create and upload an instant online CV – If you are struggling to update your current CV or need help creating a new one, we can help you to do this with our helpful tips and advice.
  • Add your Personal Statement – Including a personal statement in your profile will help to make yourself more desirable to potential employers because they will get a better insight into your personality and what you are looking for from your next job.
  • Join College and Regional Talent Pools – Make yourself more accessible to recruiters by joining Talent Pools belonging to the colleges and regions you are interested in working for.
  • Find your next lecturer teaching job – Search for and apply from hundreds of jobs all across the UK. If you find a position that interests you but you don’t want to apply at that particular time, you can save your search and apply for it at a later date.