Our College

Welcome to the Chelmsford College Group website, which has information on everything you will need to know to make an informed decision about your training and education.

Whether you are about to leave school, want to study part-time to improve your skills or would like to get onto an Apprenticeship programme, we want you to know that Chelmsford College Group can help.

We are a general Further Education college offering a variety of courses, both vocational and professional courses.

We are based across two main campuses - Moulsham Street and Princes Road. Our facilities have been redeveloped in recent years and we now boast a brand new Electrical and Engineering block, a new Art, Design and Media centre, as well as new welcome areas on both campuses, complete with internet cafes and landscaped outside areas for students to relax and socialise.

The quality and choice of courses on offer and the results we obtain makes Chelmsford College amongst the highest in Essex and East Anglia.


This website holds important information about coming to our College - but nothing beats visiting in person. Joining us at one of our Showcase Open Evenings allows you the opportunity to talk with members of staff and see for yourself what Chelmsford College can offer you. There really is no substitute for having a look around. It’s also inspiring as you can see the quality of work which our current students are producing.

In a YouGov survey commissioned by WPM Education they found the most influential factor when selecting a Further Education or Higher Education institution is the Open Day. We recommend you start considering your options as early as possible. This could be as soon as 2 years before your GCSE exams, but it is never too late to apply for your chosen course. We have dedicated teams to help you with careers advice, applications and enrolment. Once you’ve started your course we have a strong support network to ensure you have everything you need to focus on your studies and enjoy College life.

Statistically, 712,000 young people chose to study at a college last year, compared with 424,000 choosing to stay on at school. Employers view 17 to 18 year old college leavers as better prepared for work than school leavers of the same age (68% compared with 58%). When the end goal is often to get the best job - choosing a college makes sense.

College isn’t just about the grades. It’s an experience preparing you for work or further study with industry-relevant qualifications, a great attitude and the right skillset including English and Maths (METIS), Work Related Experience (WREX) and an understanding of what living in modern Britain is all about (British Values).

We want to give you every opportunity to do well at College. Our three campuses are packed with college life, opportunities and resources and our talented teaching staff work hard to deliver the best training and education.

Andy Sparks