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GGSK College is a high performing Independent co-educational school for ages 3 to 19 years. Situated in Chigwell, the college provides, ‘an outstanding quality of education’ (Ofsted 2011/2012) welcoming pupils from all faiths and abilities.

Set in 20 acres of prime Essex countryside the school’s aim is to provide exceptional education for each individual and our team of highly experienced and qualified teachers look to unlock the potential of every pupil.

GGSK College provides a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere where self-esteem and self confidence flourishes. We believe a happy child will lead a confident and successful life and we take pride in ensuring that each child is cared for in a calm and nurturing family environment,‘pupils enjoy their school life and they regard the school as one big family’ (Ofsted 2011/2012). Each class is a small class where we feel that every child can be addressed for their individual needs.

As a result of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have established a strong tradition of excellent exam success. We are incredibly proud of our GCSE results, where we consistently finish in the top 5 schools in Essex for 5 or more GCSE’s A*-Cs including English, Science and Maths. This year was a record breaking year for GGSK College where we achieved 97%. Success is mirrored throughout the school as shown in our recent outstanding Ofsted report, ‘Pupils of all ages are making outstanding progress, as seen in their notable examination successes and high levels of university entrance.’(Ofsted 2011/2012).

Students who study at GGSK College are offered a wide range of modern foreign languages as well as learning their home languages such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic; this encourages our students to be in touch with their family and their culture. We strive to also promote the understanding of different cultures and customs of students in the school and of our wider society. Ultimately it is this which I believe makes our school so special, having a wide range of cultures working well alongside each other in a calm family environment.

The school is proud to have a state of the art IT suite which caters for the constant changes in technology. Currently the school is taking part in programming competitions which provides the students with skills that are now becoming so important in today’s technological world.

Beyond the classroom, the school’s cricket team has had notable success recently, reaching the finals of the London School’s Cup. Pupils enjoy a range of sports at the college including: Football, Netball, Rounders, Athletics, Badminton and Volleyball. We are particularly proud to see some students representing their county at regional level.

Mr Toor


About us

Aims of the college  

At GGSK College we aspire to provide a first class education, serving individual needs of all pupils. 



Intellectual development


We strive to:

  • Provide a stress free, happy and friendly environment for our pupils.
  • Unlock the potential of every pupil whilst giving them a broad and enriching education. 
  • Encourage pupils to assess their progress to develop confidence in their ability and in turn empower them with a sense of commitment to their academic success.
  • Create a dynamic environment in which students can use modern technology to enhance their learning experience and provide up to date resources that develop creative minds. 


Spiritual and cultural development


We strive to:

  • Teach students the values of different faiths whilst developing their own spiritual awareness. 
  • Promote the understanding of different cultures and customs of students in the school and of our wider society.
  • Embrace the importance of learning the language of their grandparents.  


Social, moral and emotional development



We strive to:

  • Create a family environment within the school were relationships are based on mutual respect developing a cohesive community.
  • Advocate positive values such as fairness, equality and care. 
  • Provide opportunity to discuss feelings and issues.   

Working for Us

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