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The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure (NCATI) has been established to provide the higher-level skills needed to transform the UK rail and transport infrastructure network.
The College opened in September 2017 as the National College for High Speed Rail (NCHSR) on state-of-the-art campuses in Birmingham and Doncaster. In August 2019, the College changed its name to reflect the growing demand across the UK transport infrastructure industry.

The College is dedicated to providing the higher-level training required to create HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and other rail projects, as well as supporting the skills demand from employers who are facing skills challenges such as digitalisation of the railway and an ageing workforce

Through a combination of classroom teaching and real work experience, apprenticeships and short courses, the College provides technical and professional courses, using the very latest industry technology, to a diverse range of learners that are starting a career in the industry, are looking to switch careers, or are part of the existing workforce.

Vision and values

Our Vision

Pioneering technical excellence.

We want to produce a new generation of highly-skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future high speed rail workforce.

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure (NCATI) has been set up to provide training and work experience to learners aged 18 and above in all aspects of what makes a modern railway. That’s not just engineering and wearing hard hats anymore either, we’re talking about creating great passenger experiences, innovation and design as well. We want to create a new generation of employees, from loads of different backgrounds and with the skills to take on any challenge, to help the rail industry move forwards.

We’re going to do this by focusing on some key areas – on inclusion, on working in partnerships, in aiming for excellence, by innovating and challenging the norm, and by making sure everyone is healthy, safe and supported at all times.

Whether you’re a new student or already part of the industry, there are countless opportunities to shape the future of our railways.

Our Values:

We will embed safety into our everyday thinking and practices to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of our students, staff and partners.

We will develop new approaches to training delivery, have courage to innovate and challenge the norm to create long-lasting positive change.

We will create an inclusive and exciting environment that demonstrates what the future of rail will look like, attracting a broad and diverse audience.

We will establish and value sustained partnerships, committed to productive and progressive ways of working together to the benefit of our learners and stakeholders.

We will deliver the best in all we do, raise industry standards of technical skills training and demonstrate excellence in all that we deliver.

Working for us

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure (NCATI) is going places. As the only institution in the country dedicated to providing the higher-level skills needed for the high speed rail network, we are in a unique position to help the country to deliver the biggest ever infrastructure project in Europe.

We have built two amazing campuses in Birmingham and Doncaster kitted out with the very best specialist kit and equipment, much of which has been donated by our industry partners, and have led our own trailblazer for the development of the High Speed Rail and Infrastructure apprenticeships.

In order to continue pioneering technical excellence, we are looking for outstanding candidates to join our already excellent team, who are committed to shaping the future of rail and rail infrastructure industry.
We value and embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity within our workforce.

We have a bright future ahead of us. If you want to be a part of it, please keep an eye on our current vacancies.

You can apply at the section below or you may get in touch with us by contacting if you have any questions about the roles or working at the College.