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Eteach Premium - Annual Licence

Eteach Premium Licence

Assessing your needs

Our clients:

FEjobs work with over 50% of colleges across the UK, yet while we find common issues and challenges we believe each institution is unique.

Our services:

FEjobs offer our clients a wide range of services and tools, but understanding your exact requirements enables us to create a bespoke, tailored plan suitable to your needs. To allow us to achieve this FEjobs has developed a Recruitment Healthcheck.

Recruitment Healthcheck.


Our expertise:

There is so much noise in the sector about best practice recruitment and what Colleges should be doing. Completing the FEjobs Recruitment Healthcheck helps put clarity around what really matters and where you should focus your attention.

Select the right team of Education Recruitment Specialists to assist you in the areas of recruitment that matter to you

Unlimited Job Postings

For recruitment success
you have to make sure that candidates not only find your job, but want to apply for it - and for that you have to write good copy. Spend time on the job ad. Cutting and pasting a job spec simply isn't good enough.

Post unlimited jobs with enhanced college branding. Keeping colleges in control of their budget and timelines as they can easily re-advertise instantly with no extra cost

The important thing to remember is that you are writing a job advertisement. Sell the job, sell the salary and benefits, sell the prospects and sell your College

FEjobs job advertising Best Practice Guidelines. Working in the education sector for over 10 years with thousands of schools and colleges, our Best Practice Guidelines can really help improve your job response

View best practice guidelines

How to look better online?

Your own College Career Site:
Always look professional in a way that will attract the jobseeker, and build a relationship with them so that they want to apply for a role.

Create a content-rich website that is interactive and informative

Make the site quick and easy to use, so jobseekers can find the information they want within 3-4 clicks

Ensure the site that is built for users and Search Engines. Google is your new High Street, ensure you are there on Page 1

Ensure you interact with interested candidates through better use of your College & Regional Talent Pools

Talent Pools

Talent Pool technology is so much more powerful than a database of candidates. Talent Pool recruiting should be about building a community and engaging with that community in a meaningful way

Your College Talent Pool community facilitates the sharing of information between you and candidates that have a genuine interest in working for you

The Regional Talent Pool community should involve groups of Colleges in an area conversing and working together to share great candidates, and save on vital recruitment spending

Talent Pool Recruiting is not just about the tools, it is about using technology to find, attract, engage, and retain connections with candidates

It is vital to communicate and connect with candidates within your Talent Pool, it sends out a positive message about your College and will help you attract more candidates

Your candidate base can only grow
One of the key benefits of a Talent Pool community is that people will constantly be joining

Candidates can learn more about your College
Communicating with candidates in your Talent Pool is much more informative and sends a positive message about your College

You can get referrals from current candidates
Candidates in your Talent Pool may see a job opportunity for a friend and could recommend your College – the power of building a strong community

Applicant Tracking System

Managing applications
can be very time consuming for staff, especially if applications are coming from several sources and need to be viewed by various people. With the use of the FEjobs Applicant Tracking System Colleges can:

Easily view and search all your applications online, add offline candidates and forward them to several members of staff

Manage each candidate through all recruitment stages from shortlist and interviewing to accept or reject

Create set email templates
Send communications to individual or groups of candidates easily

View user guides

Full Recruitment Solution

"Our premium licence enables Colleges to access professional consultants to assist them throughout the whole recruitment process at discounted rates if required."

A total recruitment solution for Colleges
Looking for supply, long term or permanent staff our experts are at hand to help

A complete tailored solution
Managing the entire recruitment process from job advertising to screening and the selection of the right candidate

A fully outsourced service
Ideal for those hard to fill roles, saving Colleges time and money

Your dedicated recruitment plan will ensure you:

  • Target a wider, more diverse Talent Pool
  • Reduce the cost per hire
  • Speed up and streamline the recruitment process
  • Promote your College's brand, culture and values
  • Interact better with candidates
  • Find the right person for the job

To book a FREE FEjobs Healthcheck and get back in control of your recruitment call our Education Specialists now on 0845 226 1906 or email