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Look good online

Look good online

FEjobs makes it easy to look good, and stay looking good, online. We offer a range of digital tools that keep you informed about new vacancies that are ideal for you, and that help you look like a strong candidate to potential employers.

Our online tools make it easy to create your own jobseeker’s profile that changes and grows as your career does. You can keep your profile completely up to date, to help you win that crucial face-to-face interview.

Why is it so important to keep your details current?

Why is it so important to keep your details current? Your profile should evolve and reflect new skills, accomplishments and experiences. The ‘My FEjobs’ dashboard makes it easy to keep potential employers informed about your latest achievements. The curriculum and terminology are ever changing and you can make sure you reflect this when updating your CV.

It’s also important to keep your profile up to date because both the job market and your aspirations are likely to change during your career, so you may want to emphasise different skills and qualities at different times.

Create your 'My FEjobs' account

To create your own jobseeker’s profile, just register at FEjobs and log in to My FEjobs. You can use this to apply for jobs online – in many cases it can even populate application forms, saving you time and effort.

You can also upload your own Word format CV, add this to your profile, and make it available to agency recruiters on FEjobs, so they can check it whenever a job comes along that meets your selection criteria. Check out our tips on creating a great CV if you need help getting started.

Join today and benefit from the following features…

  • customised email alerts of relevant jobs
  • create and manage your CV online
  • save searches specific to your requirements

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